Lisa Jackson Speaks at Anti-Mining Reception

This is a few weeks old, but hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves. The head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson, attended a closed-to-the-press reception for opponents of the Pebble Mine Project in Alaska. My colleague Myron Ebell discussed her appearance here:

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is hosting a reception at the Supreme Court today for various opponents of the proposed Pebble Mine project in Alaska.  Politico’s Morning Energy reports that one of the attendees will be the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson.  And I have heard that Jackson will be speaking to the group.

Jackson’s conduct is grossly improper.  Environmental pressure groups have petitioned the EPA to deny a Clean Water Act permit for the mine before the company developing it has even applied for the permit.  Appearing at what is essentially a pep rally for those opposing the mine means that Jackson has already taken sides in the bitter political and legal dispute.

Indeed, her participation in this reception sends a strong signal that she is far from unbiased.


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