Monthly Archives: September 2011

U.S. Becoming More Energy Independent

I think that the notion that the United States needs to be “energy independent” is misguided (should we not trade at all with other nations?), and certainly oppose governmental interventions to encourage this outcome, but the stat... Read more

Shale Gas Revolution Spreads to Europe

Shale gas, accessed via hydraulic fracturing (an American innovation), is being discovered in many areas throughout the world adding to our energy security and lowering prices for consumers. The latest discovery, in the United Kingdom, is eno... Read more

EPA Blocks Oil Drilling in Alaska

... Read more

Governor Christie and the Green Groups

Kevin Mooney is an investigative reporter with Pelican Institute for Public Policy who also writes for several Washington D.C. based outlets including the Daily Caller and the American Spectator. He is also a frequent contributor to “Gr... Read more

Hope Fading for Uranium Mining in Arizona

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial today covering a story Resourceful Earth wrote about this summer: In response to concerns raised by environmental groups, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced in July 2009 that he was conside... Read more