Monthly Archives: December 2011

Incandescent Light Bulb Saved for a Year

This is a bit astray from the normal range of topics covered at Resourceful Earth, but because its the end of the year we wanted to draw attention to a small provision in legislation passed just before the holidays that will avert the impendi... Read more

KeystoneXL Showdown

Last week, despite a temporary hiccup, Democrats and Republicans agreed to a 2-month extension of the social security payroll tax cut passed near the end of 2010: Despite Mr. Obama’s veto threat of any legislation that tried to tie approval... Read more

Keystone XL Pipeline Fight Renewed

As part of the odd bargaining that goes into must-pass, year end legislation, Republicans just may have successfully “forced” President Obama into making a decision on whether or not to approve permits for the KeystoneXL Pipeline ... Read more

Environmental Activists Threaten Job Creation

I have a piece at the American Spectator, where I discuss a number of projects that environmentalists have shut down or threatened to shut down: As the American economy continues to stumble along, a few bright spots have appeared in the other... Read more

New York Times Wrong on Keystone Pipeline

As a result of a widespread campaign spearheaded by environmentalists, President Obama was forced to punt a decision on the KeystoneXl Pipeline until after his 2012 election. Many analysts believe that the pipeline will ultimately be built, b... Read more