The Empire State Divide: A Documentary on the Environmentalist Overreach in Your Own Backyard

After 9pm EST today, a documentary entitled The Empire State Divide will be released on The Foundation for Land and Liberty website.  It is a film produced by my mother, Karen Moreau, in an effort to expose the overreaching environmentalist agenda that seeks to drive out any industrial activity that might hold any risk to the environment; it is indisputable that the  driving out of industry results in the driving out of the people.   Though this film focuses on the ban placed on horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale of Upstate NY because of the environmentalist NIMBY movement, it is an example that can be seen taking hold all over this country and crippling rural America.  The film is funded by my family, in memory of my grandfather, a mushroom farmer from Upstate NY who was known by those who loved him most for his love for the land, his family, and the America as the land for opportunity.   To learn more about the contents of the film, click here or here.


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