Monthly Archives: February 2012

Who Can We Blame for High Gasoline Prices?

With gasoline prices having risen on average about $.60 in the last 3 months (chart here), reaching a nationwide average of $3.69/gallon this week, consumers are naturally unhappy with the amount of money they’re having to shell out eve... Read more

Part of the Keystone Pipeline to Proceed

In what is yet another strange twist in the saga that is the Keystone Pipeline, TransCanada announced yesterday that they would proceed to build a portion of the pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas, which doesn’t require approval from the O... Read more

Shocker: Another Mining Project Opposed by Environmentalists

A recurring theme at Resourceful Earth has been the inherent contradiction faced by environmentalists: they want certain new technologies but don’t want the materials for these technologies to be dug up out of the ground, at least not w... Read more

Anti-Pebble Group Releases So-Called Investment Advisory

Because apparently professional investment boutiques want to solicit the advice of radical environmental groups, Earthworks has released what masquerades as an unbiased, independent “investment” analysis of the proposed Pebble Min... Read more

Obama to Lock up Pebble Mine Project and Throw Away the Keystone

The Pebble Mine project (discussed here at Resourceful Earth) is a small but resource-valuable mine deep in the heart of Alaska, that is under attack by environmentalists and the Alaskan salmon industry. The method of attack is similar to the... Read more