A Documentary in Support of Hydraulic Fracturing

Resourceful Earth has previously mentioned an excellent documentary regarding the battle over hydraulic fracturing “fracking” in New York. We would now like to mention another documentary in the making, seeking to cast hydraulic fracturing in a more favorable light, and to provide a counter to the previously debunked Gasland (and soon to be debunked Gasland 2).

For more about the documentary:

When it comes to 21st-century environmental and energy debates, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Especially when what little knowledge you may have is incorrect. And most especially when could be a lie.

That’s the conclusion of documentary filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, who are on a quest to shed some light – and truth – on the subject of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. They are producing a feature-length film called “Frack Nation” that looks at the process of fracking in an effort to combat the “scaremongering” surrounding this safe and useful method of energy production.

“Frack Nation” also will tell the human story of hope and opportunity for people in hard-hit regions of the nation whose lives can be transformed by the ability to use fracking to produce natural gas. Areas such as upstate New York, western Pennsylvania and North Dakota could be promising sources of natural gas if landowners can use fracking to tap reserves deep under the ground.

“It is incredibly important that we tell this story and we tell this story right,” Ms. McElhinney said. “It is disheartening to meet people in upstate New York – farmers who are not able to hang on to the family farm – because of elites who want to take away an extraordinary opportunity for people living in counties where the average salary is less than $20,000 per year. How dare they?”

You can watch a video where the producers discuss the goals of their documentary (they are also raising money to help finance the film). They have previously produced a number of successful documentaries.


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