Sound Environmental Reviews and the EPA

As we mentioned earlier this week, the EPA is responsible for overseeing the responsible development of many of our natural resources, allowing companies to extract these minerals (or coal, oil, natural gas) from the ground in a manner that is environmentally responsible.

Unfortunately, the EPA often becomes overly politicized, staffing itself or relying on input from environmental activists who aren’t interested in the truth, but are interested in shutting down natural resource production in the United States. The EPA is seeking to expand its authority to be the judge and jury of all natural resource production, by using the Clean Water Act to pre-emptively deny projects from moving forward.

We are sending a letter to the EPA (and hoping you will as well) to ask politely that they re-consider their reliance on Dr. Ann Maest, who has documented biases against resource production and is under a cloud of suspicion for her activities in Ecuador.

Click here to send a letter to EPA’s Lisa Jackson.


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