Hollywood is Here to Attack Hydraulic Fracturing

Big money in Hollywood is getting behind a film which intends to attack hydraulic fracturing, by telling a frightening story about how a corporation “take over a town” by coming in and fracturing natural gas wells. Greenwire has more ($ubscription required), including the fact that the star of the film will be Matt Damon:

The movie, which begins filming in Pennsylvania this month and is due out next year, was originally drafted by author Dave Eggers. Many of the film’s details remain under wraps, but the basics are out: Damon plays a corporate executive whose life is turned upside down when he arrives in a small town. Krasinski will play his rival, and Hal Holbrook is slated to appear as an engineer opposed to the corporate takeover of his town.

That corporate takeover relates to hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” according to Ann and Phelim Media, a California production company that has seen parts of the script.

According to, the film will also star Frances McDormand of “Fargo” fame and Rosemarie DeWitt of “Mad Men.”

Representatives from the production company said the movie will take an anti-fracking stance based on the scripts they have seen.

Depending on the success of the movie, it could very well lead towards a larger public distrust of hydraulic fracturing. Naturally, this will make environmentalists happy, but its not going to help those who have natural gas wells on their property and want to make some money off leasing them, those who work in the industry, or those who benefit from having very cheap energy produced from natural gas in the United States.

A similar film, albeit a documentary and much lower budget, Gasland launched similar attacks against the industry, and is often cited by opponents of hydraulic fracturing. Proponents of fracking, however, are also producing a film to show support for the industry: FrackNation. Let us hope it leads us towards a fair, even handed assessment of the industry.


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