Meet the Newest EPA Pollutant: Water

You can’t make this up:

Fairfax County and the state of Virginia have accused the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of “massive” and expensive regulatory overreach in its attempts to control sediment buildup in the Accotink Creek watershed, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday.

The lawsuit — which was filed by the county and by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s (R) office in federal court in Alexandria on behalf of the Virginia Department of Transportation — says the federal agency has gone too far by requiring the county to control the flow of water itself as a way of managing sediment discharges.

Note that this is a bipartisan effort by Democrats and Republicans, because the EPA doesn’t seem to have any common sense:

EPA is literally treating water itself — the very substance the Clean Water Act was created to protect — as a pollutant,” the lawsuit says.

State and Fairfax officials said they decided to challenge the EPA’s proposed restrictions because, they said, the cost of implementation is higher than restoration plans that target the pollutant itself, and because they believe the EPA’s plan “will deliver a worse environmental result.”

“When people talk about federal agencies running amok, this is exactly what this looks like,” Supervisor John C. Cook said. “The EPA’s overreach is so extreme that the Democrats on the board realized that, even in an election year, they had to do this for the county.”

The state of Virginia believes that there is a much cheaper way to deal with this problem, which seems to involve unwanted creek sediment. The EPA, of course, wants to pursue a massively more expensive solution that the locals do not want. Where is their common sense? This would be funny if it were an article written by The Onion, but unfortunately it is the world we live in.



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