Monthly Archives: August 2012

New Study Dispells Anti-Fracking Myths

A new report from The Heritage Foundation calls attention to the many lies and distortions of opponents of hydraulic fracturing. From the first page: While Americans continue to be disappointed by dismal jobs reports and a high unemployment r... Read more

North Dakota Relying on Rail For Oil Exports

From this article in the Wall Street Journal we see that North Dakota is struggling to get oil out of the state to the refineries on the coasts where it will be turned into gasoline: Statoil became a big player in the Bakken Shale when it agr... Read more

Another Bad Op-Ed on Hydraulic Fracturing

Singer Sean Lennon, son of the legendary John Lennon, took to the pages of the New York Times to warn against hydraulic fracturing aka “fracking” in New York State: In the late ’70s, when Manhattanites like Andy Warhol and Bianc... Read more

More on Team Romney’s Energy Plan

Yesterday we posted about the energy policy paper released by the Romney campaign. While there was much to like in Romney’s stances on energy policy and how they compare to President Obama’s, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy ... Read more

Mitt Romney’s Energy Plan

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his campaign released an energy white paper last week, outlining his plan for energy policy should he win the 2012 election. The title grabbing headline is that Mitt Romney is setting a goal to have R... Read more