Monthly Archives: September 2012

Resources and Wildlife: Not Either Or

Tran-Alaska Pipeline Writing on, former director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Dale Hall co-authored an op-ed pointing out that contra the claims of environmentalists, developing our energy and natural resources does not need ... Read more

Hollywood Versus Fracking

Decent Primer on the Shale Gas Revolution While hydraulic fracturing has ushered in an American energy revolution, many on the left have been unwilling to accept this reality and have gone to great lengths to discredit fracking. The popular f... Read more

Wind Energy and Copper Reserves

A topic that has been covered many times here at Resourceful Earth makes waves in Politico, of all places. Grover Norquist writes about the proposed Pebble Mine in an op-ed: Debate over whether to extend the wind production tax credit is heat... Read more

State Level Energy Regulation

From The Heritage Foundation, a good example of why individual states are best equipped to be in charge of energy policy: One of the reasons why hydraulic fracturing has been so successful in promoting oil and gas development, while maintaini... Read more

More Oil Drilling in Alaska a Good Idea

Via Real Clear Energy The Alaskan Pipeline System is very close to shutting down because of declining production on the North Slope. Since peaking at 2 million barrels per day in 1988, production has declined to just over 500,000 bbd. The pip... Read more