Hollywood Versus Fracking

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Decent Primer on the Shale Gas Revolution

While hydraulic fracturing has ushered in an American energy revolution, many on the left have been unwilling to accept this reality and have gone to great lengths to discredit fracking. The popular filmmaker and friend of Resourceful Earth, Phelim McAleer, has discovered an inconvenient truth in Matt Damon’s latest assault on affordable energy:

Matt Damon and John Krasinski ran into a big problem while making their film “Promised Land”; how they solved it tells us a lot about Hollywood.

Some time ago, the two actors decided to make a movie about fracking — a method of getting once-inaccessible oil and gas out of the ground that has become the bête noire of many environmentalists.

The two wrote a screenplay they said was about “American identity . . . and what defines us as a country.”

It was the usual Hollywood script. We all know the . . . drill: Damon’s character works for an “evil” oil company. He comes to small-town America and sells locals a dangerous bill of goods.

The big scoop here is that after the EPA came out and stated numerous times that the variety of alleged pollution issues related to hydraulic fracturing were incorrect, Matt Damon and co. were required to re-write the script because the whole good citizens v.s. evil oil companies no longer fit reality:

These frauds and misrepresentations created huge problems for the Damon/Krasinski script about “what defines us as a country.”

So, according to sources close to the movie, they’ve come up with a solution — suggest that anti-fracking fraudsters are really secret agents employed by the fossil-fuel industry to discredit the environmental movement.

In the revised script, Damon exposes Krasinski as a fraud — only to realize that Krasinski’s character is working deep undercover for the oil industry to smear fracking opponents.

Hollywood is worried about declining theater audiences; it’s blaming the Internet and the recession. But the real problem might be closer to home.

Damon and Krasinski said they were making a movie that “defines us as a country” but then shoehorned ideology into a script — and when real-world events became a problem, they shoehorned in more ideology.

The simple truth about fracking is that much of the opposition is being driven by proven liars, charlatans and fraudsters — some driven by zealotry, others by hunger to win a big lawsuit.

And yet despite all of this, the video will likely do excellent at the box office and convince many more anti-fracking activists that their vision of the process is accurate.

Finally, a fun statistic of the day: recent fracking activities has already generated $160 million worth of royalties for Pennsylvania residents in Bradford County. Royalties are dollars paid directly to property owners by the fracking companies in exchange for permission to drill for natural gas on their land, meaning that natural gas companies have written $160 million in checks to Pennsylvania citizens. As one commenter notes:

Can you imagine what an extra $160 million pumped into a county’s economy can do? Do you see why fracking in New York is needed NOW? Those PA landowners don’t stuff their money under a mattress. It’s used to buy things, like cars, trucks and tractors. And iPhones, computers, and new furniture. It’s used to eat out at restaurants. It’s used to build new homes, new barns, new garages. It’s used to send kids to college. It’s deposited in local banks that turn around and lend it to others to build businesses. And none of it is a government handout. Get the idea?

Natural gas drilling is not a bonanza for a lucky (some say greedy) few—this is an economic miracle for everyone in the county. Too bad New York continues to dither while PA reaps a harvest.



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