Mining a Bright Spot in the Dim Economy

We’ve been talking a lot about employment lately, and the types of industries that have been able to generate lots of employment during the recession. OneĀ  of them, is mining:

As you can see, the industry has added almost 200,000 thousand jobs since the beginning of the recession, despite a slight downturn in recent months. This should be no surprise. Mining and natural resource production industries tend to be very labor intensive, so they must employ a large number of people. We know that there are millions of jobs in the oil and gas industry. We’ve written about how North Dakota has some of the lowest unemployment numbers throughout the country.

Unfortunately, it could be better. There are activists working throughout the country to stop oil and gas development, to stop mining projects, to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, and much more. There’s the Rosemont Copper mine in Arizona under attack from local activists. The proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska has been discussed here before. Environmentalists are attempting to stop the creation of a uranium mine in Virginia.

Not all news is bad. Utah recently approved an oil-mining operation similar to the Alberta oil-sands, as well as a new gold mine. Coal production is expanding in Colorado.


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