Monthly Archives: December 2012

More Mining, Says The Washington Post

An interesting editorial from The Washington Post, noting that oil, gas, and mining are all bright spots in this dim economy: THE DEBATE ABOUT managing the natural resources on America’s vast tracts of federal land usually begins with oil a... Read more

Where are the Fracking Jobs?

RealClearEnergy takes a look at the geographic distribution of all of the new jobs added due to the hydraulic fracturing revolution: Preparing for a new offensive against fracking, this time with Hollywood in the lead, the oil and gas industr... Read more

Will We Soon Be Exporting Natural Gas?

Last week the Department of Energy released a report prepared by a consulting firm that took a look at the possible benefits of exporting natural gas. The study concluded that overall allowing firms to export natural gas would be good for the... Read more

EXPOSED: Trout Unlimited Supports American Coal

We have written before about Trout Unlimited, a front group for wealthy special interests that operates under the guise of a do-good conservation organization. They’re so good at their act that several high profile companies, including Tiff... Read more

Renewable Energy Not Quite Ready Yet

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Robert Bryce calls attention to the absurdly unrealistic goals of the professional-environmentalists, who want zero-fossil fuel usage: The absurdity of the calls for a “fossil free” future can b... Read more