Does the Sierra Club Want Obama to “Bypass Congress”?

Earlier this week, The Hill featured a story on the Sierra Club and other groups that are suggesting ways President Obama could circumvent Congress in pursuit of their environmental agenda.  Here’s a quote from the piece:

With the House still under GOP control, Sierra Club is urging Obama to take matters into his owns hands.

Mary Anne Hitt, director of Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign, said Obama could bypass Congress by issuing regulations to enhance clean-energy investment and curtail carbon emissions.

In other words, the Sierra Club wants to undermine our government’s system of checks and balances – where Congress has legitimate oversight over the Executive Branch – to avoid facing a tough fight in the House.

The article goes on to describe how environmental and conservation groups also want the Executive to stretch its authority to impose more regulations that would deal a major blow coal mining and coal-fired power plants. In addition, these groups want to create stricter fuel emissions standards for motor vehicles while adding $90 billion dollars to the stimulus for more “green” sources of energy.  All of this would cost billions in taxpayer dollars and could have a significant impact on our economy – yet Congress could be all but powerless in stopping it.

Doesn’t it seem ridiculous that the environmentalists want to create these huge and burdensome government regulations, yet they are willing undermine our government’s existing system of oversight in the process?! We can only hope that Members of Congress will be able to stand up for their own power to oversee these actions in the Administration before it’s too late.


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