Send a Letter to Pro-Coal CEOs!

You may have read our recent post exposing that the conservationists at Trout Unlimited are in bed with the coal industry through their duplicitous political consulting firm, Strategies 360 - despite Trout Unlimited’s blatant biases against American mining and resource development.
The fact is, those of us at Resourceful Earth love coal, and we appreciate Trout Unlimited’s unintended efforts to support it.
But that’s not the point here. The problem is these groups, and firms like Strategies 360, want to play both sides to line their pockets – all while doing serious damage to American resource development and American jobs.
And companies like Orvis and Tiffany & Co are all to happy to pump these “green” groups full of money.
We need to call them on the hypocrisy. This is not about coal. This is about standing up to the big green industry that’s killing the American economy, and finally shaming these companies into stopping their funding of the destructive, anti-development efforts by Trout Unlimited and their greedy political PR consultants who are lining their pockets from both sides.
To take a stand against this blatant hypocrisy, click here to send a letter to these accidental pro-coal CEOs, and please be sure to share this important campaign with your friends so we can stand up against the green industry that’s killing our economy!


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