Monthly Archives: March 2013

Are Fossil Fuels Greening the Earth?

A video featuring Matt Ridley: The video clocks in at just short of 20 minutes, which might be a little bit too long for some of you, but it’s worth the watch if you’re interested. Matt Ridley presents evidence collected... Read more

Senate Holds Vote on Keystone Pipeline

Last week the U.S. Senate voted, symbolically, to endorse the Keystone Pipeline. Note that while this vote won’t actually get the pipeline built, or advance it’s progress, it is a good sign that 17 Democrats joined 45 Republicans ... Read more

Take Action to Get Keystone XL Over the Line!

Thousands of Resourceful Earth fans have already taken action to support the Keystone XL pipeline, and it’s time that we help get this project the approval is has long deserved! As we have recently discussed on this blog, a recent environme... Read more

Editorial Calls Out “Heartless environmental activists”

The Santa Barbara News-Press recently featured an op-ed by Andy Caldwell entitled “Heartless environmental activists,” which gives an much-needed reality check to environmental alarmists who think man-made climate change will so... Read more

Fracking in California

Image via The Bakersfield Californian Resourceful Earth has written before about the potential fracking boom in California, whose future seems to be — in the short run — dependent on the interests of Californian politicians: Calif... Read more