Take Action to Support Thousands of Mining Jobs!


We talk a lot on this blog about the ridiculous mine permitting policies in the United States.  In fact, mine permits take so long to get in the United States that we are ranked dead last for nations to invest in mining.

Now, we have the chance to make a difference on a critical mining project: The Rosemont Copper Mine in Arizona.  It’s been 7 years since the permitting process began on the Rosemont Copper Mine, and we are asking for your help so the project can reach final approval.

The Rosemont Mine would create an estimated 2,900 jobs in the state of Arizona, helping to jumpstart the local economy while boosting support for mining projects across the country. But radical environmentalists are trying to shut the project down, even though it has undergone years of rigorous environmental review winning approvals every step of the way!

To show your support for Rosemont and jobs across the country, click here to watch an important video on the Rosemont Facebook page (or if you’re not on Facebook, click here to watch it on their website.)

After you’ve watched the video, click “Add Your Voice” to support and then share it with friends, or just forward this email to others who support American resource development.

This is about more than just a single mine: If the Rosemont mine can earn approval, it could open the opportunity for more new mining projects and THOUSANDS of jobs across the U.S. in the years to come. Please take action now and share this campaign with your friends!


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