Take Action to Get Keystone XL Over the Line!


Thousands of Resourceful Earth fans have already taken action to support the Keystone XL pipeline, and it’s time that we help get this project the approval is has long deserved!

As we have recently discussed on this blog, a recent environmental report has proven that Keystone is an environmentally-responsible way to develop North American energy while creating jobs and reducing our dependence on overseas resources.  What’s more, increasing bipartisan support for Keystone shows that this project goes beyond politics and is critical to our national interest.

Though these facts alone should clear the path for the Obama Administration to finally approve the pipeline, the President has yet to give it a green light. Instead of letting his anti-development, enviro-hypocrite friends sway him against the pipeline, we can work together to make sure it is approved!

You can take action to help get Keystone XL over the line by clicking here to view our petition or by signing it below, and please be sure to share this campaign with your friends!

Sign our Petition to Support Keystone XL


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