Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Shale Boom is a Jobs Boom

This chart, from the American Enterprise Institute, shows in clear detail the benefits of the shale gas boom for those parts of the United States that have been blessed with these unconventional oil and gas deposits: Compare that to a graph o... Read more

Green Car Loan Program Costing Taxpayers

Via Veronique de Rugy of the Mercatus Center, a chart demonstrating the incredibly amount of taxpayer money being deployed in the name of creating “green” jobs, in this case money lent to automobile manufacturers to assist them in... Read more

New Report Documents Enviro “Sue and Settle” Tactics

A new report from the Chamber of Commerce takes a look at the highly secretive way in which new regulations are created in part due to the numerous lawsuits filed by environmental groups. The report is titled: “Sue and Settle: Regulatin... Read more

Tell the EPA to Stop Killing American Jobs!

We’ve written before about the EPA’s recent assessment of a potential mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and how its set a dangerous precedent that kills job creation while relying on activist anti-mining organizations for their “sc... Read more

EPA Waives Fees For Friendly Groups, Charges Opponents

With all the ongoing talk of scandals at the Internal Revenue Service, it’s worth pointing out more discriminatory treatment that isn’t getting quite the amount of press that the recent problems at the IRS have been getting: The W... Read more