Admitted Data Fakers Stratus Consulting Complain to EPA Over Resourceful Earth’s Activism

For some time now, Resourceful Earth has been covering the story of questionable “scientist” Ann Maest and her dubious involvement in the case against Chevron in Ecuador.  Our efforts have brought to question Maest’s objectivity in this case, especially because existing evidence shows that she has been willing to put her biased political agenda before true science in the past. This story came full circle just last week when Maest and her firm, Stratus Consulting, admitted that they provided false reports and testimony in the Chevron case.

But the story continues. With the release of  numerous documents from the EPA  a few weeks ago, we discovered that our efforts lead Stratus Consulting to write a letter to the EPA referring to  Resourceful Earth’s activism against Maest. You can view that letter here:

Stratus Letter to EPA on CEI and Ann Maest by ResourcefulEarth


As you can see, your letters, activism, and e-mails to the Environmental Protection Agency have paid off, as Stratus Consulting felt the need to defend their record (and their lucrative EPA contracts) to former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson herself!

Though there are many  issues we could point to in this letter, perhaps the most glaring is that Stratus tried to defend Maest’s questionable “science” in the face of Resourceful Earth’s accusations against her, stating:

“Dr. Maest is an internationally-renowned geochemist, formerly with the U.S. Geological Survey, who is serving her sixth year as an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Committee on Earth Resources… In short, she is an outstanding Scientist with impeccable credentials who has made significant contributions in her field.

More broadly, Stratus Consulting stands by the quality, integrity, and reputation of our personal staff….”

Unfortunately for Stratus, this defense of Maest doesn’t hold water. In the letter above, Stratus Consulting goes after Resourceful Earth and the Competitive Enterprise Institute because we questioned Maest’s integrity in the Chevron case, but less than a year later, they recant the very same testimony they tried to defend! By effectively admitting that they gave false testimony, Stratus affirmed that Resourceful Earth has been right about Maest all along.

So much for her “impeccable credentials.”

Maybe next time Stratus will do a little more investigating before they send their complaints to the EPA. In this case, all they would needed to do is watch this video featuring Ann Maest and others who seemingly admit on tape that they are willing to cook the books in the Chevron case, just so they could get the outcome they wanted.

The focus of Resourceful Earth’s criticism all along has been that this video proves that Maest and her “unbiased” colleagues are actually environmental ideologues, and that the EPA should stop using Maest and Stratus Consulting as technical experts due to their record of putting activism before real science.  It is our belief that true scientists would remove themselves from cases like these when they discover that their technical expertise was being used to achieve a particular outcome, rather than finding the truth. And as a government agency, the EPA should only hire experts with true scientific integrity when making environmental policy decisions in our country.

Resourceful Earth would like to thank its dedicated activists for their support in seeking a more rational EPA, as cases like these prove that your efforts are truly paying off.


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