EPA’s Unequal Treatment of non-Enviro Groups

My colleague Chris Horner recently held a Capitol Hill briefing to explain the recent EPA scandal in the news, relating to the favorable treatment given to environmental groups.

Watch it below:

A short summary, from the Competitive Enterprise Institute:

The Obama Administration and in particular the Environmental Protection Agency have stonewalled a number of Freedom of Information Act requests by the Competitive Enterprise Institute that seek to make public more details – in the form of public records – of the Administration’s global warming agenda, war on coal, carbon tax plans, and other anti-affordable energy policies.

In the past two years, CEI has filed a number of lawsuits to force the Obama Administration to comply with the law. Chris Horner will discuss what these FOIAs have discovered so far, including:

The EPA has recently claimed that the Competitive Enterprise Institute was incorrect to state that the EPA shows favoritism towards environmental groups. The EPA is again being misleading. CEI’s claim was that the agency repeatedly denies fee-waiver requests (money sometimes required to cover the expense of preparing the Freedom of Information Act requests) to right-leaning groups while granting them for environmental groups. CEI was then required to appeal and/or sue the EPA because they are rarely allowed to legitimately deny fee-waiver requests for non-profit groups.

EPA’s response didn’t address CEI’s actual complaint but rather stated that CEI’s complaint is wrong because they eventually were able to avoid paying the fees. However, green groups were repeatedly granted fee-waivers on their first request, where CEI was denied and had to appeal or threaten to sue.


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