Support Continues to Grow for the Pebble Mine


This week is bringing in more good news in support of the Pebble Mine: Despite continued racket from the opposition, groups ranging from labor unions to the Chamber of Commerce are joining the chorus of support for the mine. Like Resourceful Earth, many of these groups are particularly opposed to the EPA’s watershed assessment and threats to preemptively veto Pebble, as this would undermine the established environmental review process that all resource projects should undergo.

Though we aren’t surprised to learn that more groups are showing their support for Pebble, new information from the Competitive Enterprise Institute highlights some of the alarming tactics from environmental groups who are trying to kill the mine:

A preliminary review of the public record shows the environmental NGOs used suspicious tactics to inflate the number of public comments supporting EPA’s study. For instance, Earthworks, an avowed anti-mining advocacy group, submitted 7,545 comments on May 29, urging the EPA to initiate a 404C pre-emptive permit veto. However, the names submitted were actually drawn from an online petition that was created before the current comment period. Earthworks’ petition was not directed to the EPA, nor did it pertain to the watershed assessment, the permitting process or the EPA action.

In addition, it appears the majority of comments submitted by Earthworks are not from American citizens. Of the 7,545 signers in this single Earthworks submission alone,  4,746 were from foreign nationals.

[Emphasis added]

In other words, as the number of individual supporting the Pebble Mine continues to grow, there is an increase in suspicion about the legitimacy of those who oppose it. If environmental groups are relying on “support” from foreign nationals and activists from other petitions to boost their numbers, who’s to say what other shady tactics they may use to shut down resource development projects elsewhere across the country?

As frustrating as this news may be, CEI also notes that “more citizens logged comments opposing EPA’s pre-emptive assessment in its second public comment period, which ended June 30, than the total number of comments received in the first comment period last year.” By continuing to show support for Pebble, we can build momentum in opposition to the EPA’s ridiculous attempts to veto the mine permit and help give Pebble the fair chance it deserves for review and approval.

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