Gasland Director Dodges Uncomfortable Question

Watch this short YouTube video put together by the producers of FrackNation, a recent documentary in support of fracking. Josh Fox, of Gasland and Gasland II, gets uncomfortable with a line of questioning persued by a radio host and asks twice if the interview can be go ‘off the record’ (instead of answering the question):

YouTube Preview Image

Now, admittedly, what he’s done wrong or what he is allegedly hiding here isn’t completely clear to me. The producer seems to be insinuating that the lease he used as an example in Gasland didn’t originate from an oil company, but rather came from some type of homeowners association that perhaps sought out oil companies to drill on their land rather than vice versa.

If this is the case, it doesn’t really take away much from Fox’s film — fracking could still be dangerous — but it does show that he is willing to stretch the truth in order to produce a little guy vs. evil oil company narrative. Regardless, it is somewhat amusing to watch how uncomfortable he is when presented with evidence of his wrongdoings by what he must have assumed would be a friendly radio interview.


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