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Pebble Mine Looking Less and Less Likely

Earlier this week one of the key investors in the potential Pebble Mine project decided to bow out: The global mining firm Rio Tinto announced Monday that it will divest its 19 percent stake in the controversial Pebble Mine project in Alask... Read more

EPA Considers Using Clean Water Act to Block Pebble Mine

On Friday the Environmental Protection Agency took a “step forward” in potentially forbidding the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska to go forward.  The Washington Post has more: The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday t... Read more

EPA Releases Bristol Bay Assessment

Earlier this week the Environmental Protection Agency released its long awaited assessment of the impacts of mining operations in the Bristol Bay area in Alaska. Unsurprisingly, the EPA concluded that mining would likely have a negative impac... Read more

Gina McCarthy Heads to Bristol Bay

Gina McCarthy, the new acting head of the Environmental Protection Agency, is taking a trip out to Alaska in order to scope out the proposed Pebble Mine site: WASHINGTON — New Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy plans to... Read more

“Lawmakers probe whether EPA staffer planted seed for watershed assessment”

According to an article in E&E Newswire this week, Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are probing whether a former U.S. EPA staffer’s intervention helped lead to calls for a pre-emptive veto of key pe... Read more

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