Experts Warned DoE Against Loaning Money to Now Bankrupt Solar Firm

A recently released report by the Inspector General of the Department of Energy calls into question the idea that loans made by the Department of Energy are made by uninterested experts, who care deeply about taxpayer dollars: The Department ... Read more

Keystone Delayed Again

Last week, on the Friday before a holiday weekend, the Obama Administration announced that once again they would be delaying a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline: Whenever businesses and bureaucrats don’t have the guts to stand behind a d... Read more

Politico is Skeptical that Obama Will Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline

This time from Politico: Some of the country’s wealthiest Democratic donors — including billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer — are spending millions of dollars to defeat the pipeline. Steyer, who has hosted both Obama and Senate Maj... Read more

Obama Administration Still Slowing Federal Oil and Gas Production

The federal government has not been helpful in the recent run up in oil and gas production. If anything, they’ve stymied it by reducing the amount of federal land available for drilling: Although the federal government heavily regulates... Read more

The Economist Disses Latest IPCC Report

The Economist has long been in favor of policies to address climate change, but even they realize the IPCC isn’t the holy-grail of unbiased objectivity: THE Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a gathering of scientists who... Read more