“Lawmakers probe whether EPA staffer planted seed for watershed assessment”

According to an article in E&E Newswire this week, Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are probing whether a former U.S. EPA staffer’s intervention helped lead to calls for a pre-emptive veto of key pe... Read more

Support American Jobs and the Rosemont Mine

While the Keystone XL pipeline dominates the news headlines, there is another critical project that will create jobs now: Arizona’s Rosemont Copper Mine (which we have discussed before here). Rosemont has undergone six years of environme... Read more

Support Continues to Grow for the Pebble Mine

This week is bringing in more good news in support of the Pebble Mine: Despite continued racket from the opposition, groups ranging from labor unions to the Chamber of Commerce are joining the chorus of support for the mine. Like Resourceful ... Read more

Alaska Natives Speak Out on Pebble

The proposed Pebble Mine is one of the largest mineral deposits ever discovered. It has the potential to create thousands of American jobs and billions in economic investment, revitalizing the impoverished Southwest Alaska region in the proce... Read more

Anti-American Mining Activists USE United Nations Sham Committee to Attack America

America is the land of the free. Our fundamental principals guide our nation’s belief in the protection of all human rights. We are a shining beacon where many before have escaped brutal regimes and tyranny to come to our shores. Not so... Read more