Obama Administration Still Slowing Federal Oil and Gas Production

The federal government has not been helpful in the recent run up in oil and gas production. If anything, they’ve stymied it by reducing the amount of federal land available for drilling: Although the federal government heavily regulates... Read more

The Economist Disses Latest IPCC Report

The Economist has long been in favor of policies to address climate change, but even they realize the IPCC isn’t the holy-grail of unbiased objectivity: THE Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a gathering of scientists who... Read more

Democrats and the Keystone XL Pipeline

An article from E&E Publishing (often paywalled, but not this article) has an interesting take on the different factions within the Democratic party, how much money they’re donating to Senate races, and where they stand on the Keyst... Read more

Fracking and Job Growth

The National Journal is out with a long article that attempts to shed light on the number of jobs created by hydraulic fracking in Pennsylvania: Fracking creates jobs. That’s the linchpin of the oil and gas industry argument for permit... Read more

Pebble Mine Looking Less and Less Likely

Earlier this week one of the key investors in the potential Pebble Mine project decided to bow out: The global mining firm Rio Tinto announced Monday that it will divest its 19 percent stake in the controversial Pebble Mine project in Alask... Read more