Resourceful Earth Mission Statement


Resourceful Earth’s mission is to promote access to natural resources and oppose special interests that abuse the regulatory process to lock up the raw materials of prosperity.  We believe that human ingenuity free markets, and secure property rights will continue to make natural resources more plentiful, affordable, and sustainable.

The major obstacles threatening the increasing abundance of natural resources are political campaigns waged by a wide range of powerful environmental pressure groups to shut down hard rock mining, coal mining, oil and gas drilling, timber production, farming, and ranching, and to restrict the use of the resources produced by these industries.

Resourceful Earth will shine a bright light on these opponents of abundance—their motives; the disinformation campaigns and greenmail tactics they employ; and the damaging consequences of their policies for consumers and workers, children and the elderly, the poor and the disadvantaged in America and around the world.  We will also challenge big corporations, tax-exempt foundations, and wealthy elitists that sign on to the various campaigns to lock up resources and thereby make people poorer.

Resourceful Earth will educate the American public about what is at stake in the struggle between those who are working to produce the natural resources we need and those who are using political means to stop them.  And Resourceful Earth will motivate grassroots activists to get involved and provide the tools necessary to defeat the advocates of scarcity.

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  • Coal

    Coal-intensive States have the lowest electric rates, except for the three Pacific Northwest States that use mostly hydro power.