CEOs of several high-profile companies, including Tiffany & Co and Orvis, have been duped into sponsoring an astro-turf campaign by the hypocritical, pseudo environmental group Trout Unlimited and its duplicitous political consulting firm, Strategies 360.

Learn more about this comical bait-and-switch in the letter below, and please send this letter to the misguided CEOs calling for them to immediately remove their funding for Trout Unlimited!

Dear CEO:

Many of us warned you that Trout Unlimited is a front group for wealthy special interests under the guise of a do-good conservation organization.

But it looks like the joke’s on you.

I bet you never guessed instead of funding a so-called do-good conservation campaign your money is actually funding the duplicitous political consulting firm behind Trout Unlimited, Strategies 360, who while they work to kill the mining of raw minerals needed for renewable energy and electric cars – are also secretly leading a campaign in favor of building a coal port in Washington state to ship coal to China.

Want to see the proof? Well, here it is: environmental blogger Nick de Place has exposed the political consulting firm funded by Trout Unlimited, Strategies 360, for its ties to the coal industry.

As a supporter of American resources, I’m happy to see you backing this coal project. However, if you aren’t too pleased to discover where your money is really going, please pull your funding from Trout Unlimited’s astro-turf campaigns and sham political consultants, and instead focus on efforts that will help grow high skilled American jobs.

Thank you.

This message will be sent to:

Michael Kowalski, Chairman and CEO, Tiffany & Co
Leigh “Perk” Perkins, Jr., CEO, Orvis
Thomas Millner, CEO, Cabela’s
Warren Adams, Chairman, Patagonia Sur
Christopher McCormick, President and CEO, L.L. Bean
Kevin Burke, Chairman, President, and CEO, Con Edison