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Obama Approves Changes to Pipeline Crossing Canadian Border

Earlier this week the U.S. State Department quietly approved a permit for changes to a pipeline that travels across the Canadian border: A subsidiary of Houston-based Kinder Morgan Inc. secured a highly coveted presidential permit from the U.... Read more

Keystone Pipeline a Step Closer to Approval

Image: Picture of Draft EIS Thanks to your support, we are one step closer to approval of the Keystone XL pipeline! Resourceful Earth and other like-minded groups have been working hard to highlight the benefits that Keystone could bring to o... Read more

Does Canada Oppose the Keystone Pipeline?

Remember the Keystone Pipeline? The pipeline that would have brought Canadian oil down from Canada, through Oklahoma, to the Gulf Coast such that it could be refined, while providing much needed construction jobs for Americans? The one that s... Read more

Green Groups Poised to Block Crude Oil Production from Canada, Even if Obama Administration Reverses Itself on Keystone Pipeline

Even if the Obama Administration reverses course on the Keystone XL pipeline prior to the November elections, there are any number of green pressure groups in circulation that could complicate production efforts.  President Obama recently d... Read more

Canada Visits China to Talk Oil

Now that the U.S. has snubbed one of our greatest allies and trading partners with a silly political delay of an important timeline, Canada is looking for other places where it can sell its oil. We were told ahead of time that this would happ... Read more