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Environmental Activists Again Are Misleading

Flooded oil equipment. Photo credit The Guardian. Recently parts of Colorado, including Boulder and the surrounding areas, were hit by some pretty bad flooding. Flooding can cause all sorts of damage from water entering areas not normally co... Read more

Who Can We Blame for High Gasoline Prices?

With gasoline prices having risen on average about $.60 in the last 3 months (chart here), reaching a nationwide average of $3.69/gallon this week, consumers are naturally unhappy with the amount of money they’re having to shell out eve... Read more

EPA Still Managing State’s Natural Resource Decisions

As we have previously discussed at Resourceful Earth, a number of states have had significant interference from the federal government, meddling in their ability to strengthen their own economies. This is particularly relevant for Alaska, who... Read more

Drilling in Alaska

Though not at this moment, in the future there will be a fight over allowing access to Alaska’s Natural Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) as it contains roughly 10 billion barrels of oil which can be extracted while leaving more than 99.9% of the ... Read more

A Step Closer to Alaskan Drilling

Yesterday the EPA dismissed lawsuits by green groups against Shell’s plans to drill for oil off of the northern coast of Alaska: Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell is a step closer to drilling in waters off Alaska’s northern coast following ... Read more