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EPA Acting Crazy in Alaska

Fresh off of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s trip to Alaska to take a look at the proposed Pebble Mine site and hold conversations with interested parties, the EPA and Alaska are again in the news together, but not for reasons you may... Read more

Gina McCarthy Heads to Bristol Bay

Gina McCarthy, the new acting head of the Environmental Protection Agency, is taking a trip out to Alaska in order to scope out the proposed Pebble Mine site: WASHINGTON — New Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy plans to... Read more

EPA Ignoring Mine Supporters?

According to an article in Greenwire  ($ubscription required), the EPA might be ignoring the supporters of the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska, in order to win favor with environmentalists: A Pebble contractor, Lisa Reimers, CEO of Iliamna De... Read more

EPA Jumps the Gun on Mine Assessment

On Friday of last week the EPA released its long-awaited assessment of the potential effects of mine development north of Bristol Bay, Alaska. However, it was curious that the EPA began to study this issue in anticipation of a potential permi... Read more

Obama to Lock up Pebble Mine Project and Throw Away the Keystone

The Pebble Mine project (discussed here at Resourceful Earth) is a small but resource-valuable mine deep in the heart of Alaska, that is under attack by environmentalists and the Alaskan salmon industry. The method of attack is similar to the... Read more