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Environmentalists Oppose Natural Gas Exports

Amy Harder of the Wall Street Journal has a piece out this week examining the fight that environmentalists are now putting up against exporting natural gas: A coalition of grassroots environmentalists are galvanizing around a fossil-fuel pro... Read more

Energy in the State of the Union

During the State of the Union last night, President Obama took credit for his “all of the above” energy strategy as being responsible for the recent increase in domestic oil and natural gas production: Now, one of the biggest fact... Read more

British Governmental Health Agency Supportive of Fracking

Evidence continues to pile on discrediting the claims of environmental activists who presume hydraulic fracking is a dangerous activity that should be outlawed: The risks to public health from emissions caused by fracking for shale oil and ga... Read more

New York Bans Fracking, Instead Builds New Gas Pipeline

But Yes to Fracked Gas from Pennsylvania Walter Russell Mead points out that New York State is in the process of building a new natural gas pipeline to import shale gas from Pennsylvania. Recall that New York State has banned hydraulic fracki... Read more

Other Environmental Activists Still Hate Fracking

Despite our optimistic post yesterday about some fracking activists who had changed their mind and are now supportive of the practice, there are still numerous activists groups opposing fracking. The latest battle is in Colorado: Groups oppos... Read more