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New York Bans Fracking, Instead Builds New Gas Pipeline

But Yes to Fracked Gas from Pennsylvania Walter Russell Mead points out that New York State is in the process of building a new natural gas pipeline to import shale gas from Pennsylvania. Recall that New York State has banned hydraulic fracki... Read more

New York Will Not be Fracking Anytime Soon

Following up on our post about the new fracking regulations in California, an article appeared at CNBC recently discussing the prospects of fracking in New York State: In terms of jobs, a potential model is Pennsylvania, another Northeastern... Read more

Obama, Cuomo Walk a Fine Line on NY Fracking

Earlier this month President Obama toured New York State to discuss changes he proposed to higher education. Obama’s tour was expected to be met with numerous protesters in support and opposition to fracking: President Barack Obama’s... Read more

New York State Buries Study Claiming Fracking is Safe

Resourceful Earth has discussed before the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in New York State under Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), who some say is contemplating a 2016 Presidential bid. That might explain why his health department buried an ana... Read more

Fracking May See the Light in New York

As Resourceful Earth has previously noted, there has been a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in New York since 2010, with no definitive timetable for ending (or making permanent) this moratorium. However, recent events have suggested that G... Read more