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Politico is Skeptical that Obama Will Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline

This time from Politico: Some of the country’s wealthiest Democratic donors — including billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer — are spending millions of dollars to defeat the pipeline. Steyer, who has hosted both Obama and Senate Maj... Read more

Enviromentalists Upset by New Keystone Report

Image via Pew Earlier this month the State Department released yet another iteration of an environmental impact statement for the Keystone XL Pipeline. It concluded, unsurprisingly, that the Keystone Pipeline would be unlikely to increase net... Read more

Energy in the State of the Union

During the State of the Union last night, President Obama took credit for his “all of the above” energy strategy as being responsible for the recent increase in domestic oil and natural gas production: Now, one of the biggest fact... Read more

Obama Admin Wants Credit for Oil Production Increase

Earlier this month the United States crossed a somewhat noteworthy milestone. As a country we now produce more oil at home than we import: Image via RealClearEnergy Naturally, Obama is trying to take credit for this: Typically, the White Hous... Read more

Obama, Cuomo Walk a Fine Line on NY Fracking

Earlier this month President Obama toured New York State to discuss changes he proposed to higher education. Obama’s tour was expected to be met with numerous protesters in support and opposition to fracking: President Barack Obama’s... Read more