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Most Offshore Acreage is Off Limits to Oil Drilling

From the Editors at RealClearEnergy.org: Despite occasional gestures from the Obama Administration and the urgings of several east coast Senators, 87 percent of the oil resources off the American coasts remain off-limits to drilling. Texas an... Read more

More Oil Drilling in Alaska a Good Idea

Via Real Clear Energy The Alaskan Pipeline System is very close to shutting down because of declining production on the North Slope. Since peaking at 2 million barrels per day in 1988, production has declined to just over 500,000 bbd. The pip... Read more

Offshore Drilling: Everyone’s Doing It—Except the US

Environmental groups like Oceana gloat victory when offshore drilling is banned in countries such as the United States.  This week’s hearing on offshore drilling safety, however, pointed out that Oceana’s “victory” proves to be hugel... Read more

ExxonMobil’s New Oil Discovery

Via a few sources (and here), we see that the Obama Administration has refused to grant an extension to ExxonMobil on a Gulf of Mexico lease to develop an enormous underwater oil field. This has resulted in ExxonMobil announcing the enormous ... Read more

Falling Behind in Alaska

Today The Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed discussing the need to continue developing our domestic resources, specifically in Alaska: Long literally and figuratively frozen to outside investors, the Arctic now has melting sea ice and thawing ... Read more