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Energy in the State of the Union

During the State of the Union last night, President Obama took credit for his “all of the above” energy strategy as being responsible for the recent increase in domestic oil and natural gas production: Now, one of the biggest fact... Read more

New Poll Still Finds Majority Support Keystone

A new Rasmussen poll finds that a majority of U.S. voters still support the Keystone Pipeline: A Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday found that 56 percent of likely voters believe the pipeline will “be good for the U.S. economy.” T... Read more

Obama Admin Wants Credit for Oil Production Increase

Earlier this month the United States crossed a somewhat noteworthy milestone. As a country we now produce more oil at home than we import: Image via RealClearEnergy Naturally, Obama is trying to take credit for this: Typically, the White Hous... Read more

Report Claims Keystone Will Not Increase Emissions

A fairly new report from IHS claims that importing oil sands from Canada is unlikely to increase net emissions of greenhouse gasses in the United States. This is important because one of President Obama’s requirements for approving the... Read more

Oil Producers Look To Increase Rail Capacity

There are two related items of interest in the news this week. First, is that the agencies responsible for reviewing the Keystone Pipeline are attempting to figure out the feasibility of shipping large quantities of oil by rail: U.S. official... Read more