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Obama Approves Changes to Pipeline Crossing Canadian Border

Earlier this week the U.S. State Department quietly approved a permit for changes to a pipeline that travels across the Canadian border: A subsidiary of Houston-based Kinder Morgan Inc. secured a highly coveted presidential permit from the U.... Read more

Report Claims Keystone Will Not Increase Emissions

A fairly new report from IHS claims that importing oil sands from Canada is unlikely to increase net emissions of greenhouse gasses in the United States. This is important because one of President Obama’s requirements for approving the... Read more

Senate Holds Vote on Keystone Pipeline

Last week the U.S. Senate voted, symbolically, to endorse the Keystone Pipeline. Note that while this vote won’t actually get the pipeline built, or advance it’s progress, it is a good sign that 17 Democrats joined 45 Republicans ... Read more

AFL-CIO: Build the Keystone Pipeline

This is somewhat noteworthy, as prior to this the AFL-CIO had no official position on the pipeline, as they needed to delicately balance their loyalty to President Obama and the desires of specific union groups which would have benefited most... Read more

Part of the Keystone Pipeline to Proceed

In what is yet another strange twist in the saga that is the Keystone Pipeline, TransCanada announced yesterday that they would proceed to build a portion of the pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas, which doesn’t require approval from the O... Read more