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Report Documents Enormous Waste in Energy Department Loan Program

A new report from the Reason Foundation examines the Department of Energy’s loan program, which brought us Solyndra among many other taxpayer boondoggles, and finds poor investment decisions, payoffs to politically connected firms, ex... Read more

Another Solyndra in the Making

Fisker, a U.S. based domestic producer of luxury plug-in hybrid vehicles, is reportedly contemplating bankruptcy: Fisker Automotive, the U.S.-backed maker of luxury plug-in hybrid sports cars, has hired law firm Kirkland & Ellis to advise... Read more

E-mails Show Politics Influenced DoE Loans

E-mails released this week by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee point to significant political influence behind the loans made by the Department of Energy to companies like Solyndra: The new emails contradict claims by Obama... Read more

The Latest in Green Crony Capitalism

Catching up on all the crony capitalism in the renewable energy sector: The Washington Post published a long exposé on the investments strategies of former Vice President Al Gore, who has made lots and lots of money off of his investment com... Read more

“I Had a Green Job”

An excellent article written by a recent Stanford graduate who went to work for a company that manufactured solar panels: In 2008 I completed my Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford and took a “Green Job” with a solar company. Ex... Read more