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Demand President Obama to Approve Keystone XL

President Obama: Now is the time to end your senseless delay of Keystone XL pipeline construction!  Instead of pandering to radical environmentalists, we urge you to take a stand by supporting this critical resource project.  Not only would Keystone XL bring countless REAL jobs to for Americans that desperately need them, but new studies prove this pipeline would also provide a safe, reliable source of energy from one of our strongest allies – helping to secure the energy we need to rebuild our economy.

It’s time to move beyond the environmental rhetoric and do the right thing: Allow the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline to support jobs and resource development for the benefit of all Americans!

Thousands of jobs across the country are at stake. Please TAKE ACTION before it’s too late!


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    More than 17 billion cubic feet of timber is produced in the United States each year.